Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Three Little Pigs


1. What do you think the mother pig taught her three little pigs before sending them off to seek their futures?
2. Can you describe how the first two little pigs’ houses were built?


1. What do you think were the differences in thinking between the three little pigs regarding their houses?
2. Why do you think the third little pig seemed to be smarter than the other two?


1. Examine the three houses. What could have been done to make the first two more secure?
2. How would the story change if all three pigs built the same house?


1. What was the problem in the first two pigs’ thinking?
2. Where did the three pigs stay while they were building their houses?


1. Could you compose a rap using this story?
2. What would have happened if all three pigs built one house of bricks and lived together?


1. Does this story remind you of any instances in your life that the lesson could be pertained to?
2. How do you feel about the ending? Would you have done anything different?

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